Ivano Greco

Ivano Greco is a professional on marketing and business development driven by an innovation aim.

He approached the Internet in 1996 publishing his first blog about web marketing. He started experimenting the e-commerce early in 1998 during an intern-ship in the Sesa Group. The Internet was booming and he was working in Florence Online (a major Internet Provider in Tuscany), selling and managing new online projects for local clients in different fields. He joined the Internet sector till 2003 as the manager of his own consulting company. Afterwards he worked as an innovation facilitator and a technology transfer project manager till 2011, managing many projects in a wide range of industrial sectors (nautical, textile, mechanical, industrial design, fashion).

From 2005 to 2013 he was involved in many EU Projects:
– ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) as an e-commerce expert
– Digital Preservation as a specialist in Information Security Management System.

As an Information Security Manager he was involved in the BNCF & BNCR team (Florence and Rome National Central Libraries) developing the first working prototype on “Deposito Legale” a long term digital preservation repository upon request of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. He was speaker and teacher at national and international workshops and conferences.

From 2009 to 2011 he was the leader, committed by the local chamber of commerce, to develop an innovative business model to facilitate the interaction between companies to manage collaborative innovation projects.

Nowadays he is developing “Campus Innovazione” a smart model to develop the matching between companies and professionals inside the coworking-areas in Tuscany. He is also managing RFID projects on warehouse logistic in the fashion sector (via Temera) and developing his own workshop using the Lean Startup Method to validate new ideas.

Ivano is also actively involved in the local networking community contributing to the organization and developing of many events regarding innovation and startups such as in Coderdojo Firenze and Digital Champions.

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